Worthy scored a little feature write up in this week's update of The Weekend Edition Gold Coast! Frothing. Have a read below or check it out here

Hit the pavement on a cruiser from Worthy Skateboards

A throwback to a time when the shorts were short and hair was long, Worthy Skateboards’ shortboards, cruisers and longboards are an ode to the 1960s and 1970s.

Designed to recreate the look and feel of the originals, Worthy Skateboards are as much a beautiful piece of nostalgic art as they are an efficient mode of transport. Handmade locally by Tyler Bignell, Worthy Skateboards are created from eco-salvaged and recycled Australian hardwood timbers that are ethically procured as a result of storm and cyclone damage, erosion, government earthworks and road clearing so they’re more than worthy of your pretty pennies.

Aesthetically, the decks are minimalist to let the beautiful timber shine and are finished with clear varnish and a Gold Coast beach sand layer for extra grip. Worthy Skateboards are handmade to order so be patient as it can take two to three weeks for delivery. Your patience will be rewarded with a truly one-of-a-kind board that will serve you well on the journey of life.